Dr. Thomas Tensi Paganinistraße 60
D-81247 München
image of Dr. Thomas Tensi

My private interests:

  • my family (Ulrike, my mother Ingrid and the — already grown up — 'kids')

  • doing music on the electric guitar using the computer as a backing band, see below

  • programming (typically music related or simple games), see below

  • promoting good programming languages (like Ada, or Eiffel)

  • using TeX and LaTeX

  • impersonating Mr Spock

  • doing projects in the fantastic Fischertechnik construction system


I am currently working for the IT of the city of Munich as an IT architect. Formerly I worked for sd&m/Capgemini for more than twenty years as a principal IT consultant for specification and software architecture.


I used to give lectures in Computer Science at the Polytechnical University in Munich (Hochschule München). If you're interested in course material, have a look here.

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