Dr. Thomas Tensi Paganinistraße 60
D-81247 München

Recent Music Projects
with Ulrike Gröttrup and Friends

Since the Capgemini-sd&m-Band "PR Project" had disbanded in 2013, I have been focussing on arranging and doing sporadic live performances with backing tracks generated from the arrangements (to complement for all the instruments not in the band at that time).

Those arrangements are completely done by me and transformed via the "Produce Like A Nerd" approach into notation videos for a tablet and audio tracks with selectable groups of instruments for the backing of the band.

With Ulrike

band with Ulrike Gröttrup
                                   and Dr. Thomas Tensi

Together with Ulrike I occasionally do some live performances for family and friends as a two piece band (Ulrike [voc], Thomas [g, voc]) with produce-like-a-nerd backing tracks from a tablet.

Here is a home live performance for friends in 2017 of PJ Harvey's "A Perfect Day, Elise" recorded by my friend David Jenkins. To take care of some glitches in the original video footage, the video has been edited; the audio is only slightly postprocessed.

With Andreas and Christian

band with Andreas Niemeyer,
                                   Christian Basler and Dr. Thomas Tensi

As a one time event my colleague (and former band mate!) Christian Basler and my colleague Andreas Niemeyer did a more or less improvised show for the IT architects of the city of Munich in November 2019.

That trio consisted of Andreas Niemeyer [keyb], Christian Basler [bs, voc] and me [g, voc] with drums and special effects coming as backings from a tablet (as described above).

Here is a performance of "Come Together" from the Beatles. Again the video footage has been edited since the audience covered the camera at the end of the song; but the audio is again only slightly postprocessed.